Loughborough Road Histories

Exploring the past of this south London street

A blog about a street and a neighbourhood in SW9 south London. How and when Loughborough Road and surrounding streets were built and got their names, a bit about what was here before the streets, but mostly stories about the shops, pubs and people that have lived, worked and come here for entertainment over the past 180 years.

Bill Linskey Postcard Collection. Brixton Society c. 1918

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News: Loughborough Road Histories talk on YouTube

A talk given in November 2021 as part of the Loughborough Road Histories book launch. The illustrated talk includes changes on Loughborough Road and surrounding streets using early 20th century postcards and other images. It explores a bit of history of a couple of Loughborough Road pubs and looks at some of the women who lived on the street in the late 19th/early 20th century. View the talk here.

News: Loughborough Road Histories first book published

This 32 page book published by The Brixton Society includes six articles on the history of Loughborough Road, building on research for some of the posts in this blog. The articles include:

  • The beginnings of the street
  • Loughborough Road shops in the early 20th century
  • Leach’s oilmen and hardware shop and a publisher of a black writer
  • A tailor, confectioner tobacconist and dry cleaner
  • The Loughborough Hotel and Tavern
  • Nelly Roberts, eminent orchid artist

The book costs £3.50 plus postage. Copies can be bought from The Brixton Society eBay shop.

News: Loughborough Road Histories on Layers of London

See our collection of short Loughborough Road histories stories pinned on maps of old London on Layers of the London.

News: Music hall history of Brixton and Lambeth

The Loughborough Road history project is working with Christine Beddoe (legmania.co.uk) researching Brixton and Lambeth’s associations with music hall. If you have any music hall stories or connections we’d love to hear from you brixtonmusichall@gmail.com.

The music hall project launched with #MusicHallWednedays, five talks given as part of Lambeth Heritage Festival 2020. Links to these talks and a map of music people can be found on our Music Hall Brixton and Beyond page.